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  • Three-phase AC Drive (type PMS)

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    The PMS motor from Faurndau is a robust, almost maintenance free, variable speed three-phase synchronous motor, excited by permanent magnets in the rotor. The motor construction consists of a special stator housing that withstands high mechanical stresses and also allows various mounting possibilities for the cooling fan and terminal box. Using this design with two mounted cooling fans results in very efficient cooling allowing high power density of the motor with reduced windage noise. With an adapted inverter we can obtain an optimised drive with alternate speed, torque or position control loop.

    Three-phase AC Drive (type PMS)

    Advantages of the PMS drive:

    • High overall efficiency (over 92% motor with inverter)
    • Favourable power density due to small rotor losses and efficient cooling and therefore small construction size in comparison to standard drives
    • Very good dynamic behaviour due to a smaller mass moment of inertia
    • Highly stressable cast housing
    • Brushless and thus low maintenance
    Power range 7.5 KW up to 550 KW
    Frame sizes BG 112 to BG 280
    Basic speed from 500 min-1 to 8000 min-1
    Enclosure Standard IP 23 S
    Cooling type Forced air cooling IC 06

    PM motors can be modified to suit the technical requirements for your application. Alternative variations are:

    • PM engines with higher protection mode
    • PM engines with special cast

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