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    Repairs and rewinds

    Brackfix Ltd are specialist in repairs and rewinds of AC and DC commutator motors.
    All Faurndau motors are rewound to manufactures specifications using factory winding data and test sheets.
    After rewinding, overhaul and repair all motor brushgear is reset and adjusted for the correct electrical axis.


    Site Visits can be arranged to carry out general service, maintenance, pm and sometimes repairs on your plant. A site visit can also be arranged to carry out a general survey on brushes, look at commutation problems, overheating and general problems that lead to long and costly downtime.


    We carry a substantial stock of spares for Faurndau products:

  • Carbon brushes, Brushboxes, Slipring arms
  • Sliprings, Insulators, DC brushgear
  • Brushgear flexible cable, Terminal blocks, Secondary overloads
  • Fan motors, Fan blades, Fan motor parts
  • Servomotor parts, Servo parts, Tachos
  • Filter material, Temperature sensors, Round circlips
  • We also carry stocks of carbon brushes for other manufactures motors

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