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  • Three-phase AC Drive (type SD)

    The digitally controlled Faurndau AC drive has crucial advantages regarding cyclic testing, torque behaviour, dynamics and robustness that are required within many areas of machine building and equipment construction.

    Our wide power range of virtually maintenance-free systems consists of motor with short-circuit cage rotor and rugged converter, together they give a high degree of efficiency and reliability.

    Advantages of the SD motor:

    • Maximum torque available in the entire speed range. Standard rated speeds between 1000 min -1 and 3000 min -1 , in special cases to 7000 min -1
    • Motor and generator operation (continuous operation). Dynamic braking with reverse energy flow into the supply network
    • Nominal torque from standstill without any time limit
    • High starting torque to 3 x Mn with low power supply requirements
    • Brushless therefore virtually maintenance free
    • Exact speed regulation without using sensors on the machine shaft

    Advantages of the SD static frequency converters:

    • Proven rugged thyristor switching system with direct current intermediate circuit
    • Intermediate circuit converter with two 6 pulse thyristor rectifiers (no forced commutation)
    • High impact overload capacity of the drive
    • Simple system, good service reliability, smooth running
    • Information electronics with plain text display; digital speed control loop and secondary current control
    Power range 8 KW up to 400 KW
    Frame size BG 112 to BG 280
    Basic speed from 500 min-1 to 8000 min-1
    Enclosure Standard IP 23 S
    Cooling type Forced air cooling IC 06

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