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  • DC Drive (type EFG)

    Faurndau DC Drives series EFG are proven, low-priced drive systems, which show their various advantages and strengths in all ranges of application. All motors of this series are robust, well built and correspond to VDE 0530 / 9.00 as well as the IEC recommendations IEC 34-1 and thus all international regulations.

    DC Drive (type EFG)

    Cross-sectional view

    Use of the Direct Current drive:

    • Simple control performance, easily adaptable, resulting in a high level of flexibility for solving complex drive problems
    • Wide control range and low speeds making the drive universally adaptable to the most varied of requirements regarding the speed range of the drive system
    • Constant speed curve facilitates a continuous operating and production process
    • High level of dynamic response ensuring rapid reactions to interference and to highly dynamic control processes
    • High overload capacity
    • Smooth running ensures low mechanical stresses of the whole system and ensures high production quality
    • Compact size, high power to low weight ratio
    • Low losses due to thyristor converters, thus having a beneficial effect on the whole level of efficiency
    • Regenerative possibilities, returning power to supply, thus saving energy
    • High electromagnetic compatibility
    • Low noise level
    • High degree of operational reliability and long brush life
    • No problems with eddy currents
    • High level of availability with minimal expenditure, thus saving costs
    Power range 3 KW up to 500 KW
    Frame size BG 100 to BG 280
    Enclosure Standard IP 23 S, special equipment to IP 55 possible
    Cooling type Standard IC06, special equipments possible
    Insulation Class F or H

    Direct Current drives can be modified to the technical requirements of your application.


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